Luthier John Wu

The creation of a fine quality concert instrument that is not only beautiful to look at, but also to play and listen to, requires clear well defined goals. 
The foundation and inspiration for John 's instruments can be found in the study of the best examples of the works of the Master from Jean- Baptiste Vuillaume. His models are personal interpretations and are continually being refined to achieve excellence in both tonal and aesthetic qualities.


About Our Business


    Classical Strings USA was established in 2005.  Since then Classical Strings USA has built up a family of very experienced craftsmen who are passionate about instrument making and restoring and perform these duties to a very high professional level. Its founder, John Wu, was born in the Republic of China into a music family, and learned Violin making at a very young age. He won an award for best violin sound quality in the Chinese National Violin Making Competition in China and received an award for sound and craftsmanship in the United States competition sponsored by the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. Mr. Wu Immigrated to the United States from China in the 1990’s, and first studied violin restoration techniques in New York under the world renowned Luthier Rene A. Morel, later, he advanced his study at David Kerr Violins in Portland , Oregon and recently has been influenced in his making processes and techniques by Maestro Andrew Dipper. In addition to this experience he worked many years as a master Luthier for Eastman Strings. With such an extensive and prolonged period of supervised study and work in the violin making field, John Wu has been able to achieve a remarkable degree of perfection for every instrument his company makes. He frequently holds craftsmanship classes and seminars at his company’s subsidiary factories, making sure of the integrity of every step of the making process. He is persistent in achieving the correct level of quality control throughout, from the selection of the raw materials, to the finished instrument. These strict quality control steps make Mr. Wu’s instruments stand out as superlative in a very 
competitive market.

Classical Strings USA offers a variety of instruments, some are from China , some are assembled and finished in the States and some instruments and bows are from Italy and Germany . Our goal is to  provide the highest quality instruments possible, to both amateur and the professional musicians. Our company’s Trademark was applied for in 2006 has already been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Our team is comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who strive to offer their best in every instrument. Though few in number, each member in our L.A workshop is trained under the direct guidance of Luthier John Wu.

Utilizing the years of experience and training, our team is able to satisfy the needs of every customer.

Our humble shop aims to make customers our first priority. The promise we make to you is nothing less than all of our time and efforts.