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What Would You Like to Know?


Where can I purchase Classical Strings Instruments?

Please call our telephone number or come to our store at 4813 Cheyenne Way, Chino, CA 91710 to inquire about our instruments.

How can I get a catalog of Classical Strings Instruments products?

Since we do not sell our products on the website, catalogs are provided to view products from our store. To view our collections, please visit our store or browse our website.

How do I find out prices for the products that I am interested in?

To find out prices, you should directly contact us by phone or come to our store.

How can I order repair parts for instruments that I own?


When you purchase instruments from a retail store, your warranty is with the retail store, not with us as the manufacturer. The retail store will service your instruments and order the repair parts that you need. Please contact us for help.

Do you sell internationally?

At this time, we only distribute within the United States and Canada, Mexico.

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