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Model 070 (VA070)

This quality handmade violin is a favorite among parents and teachers for its strong build and bold sound.

The perfect beginners package at an affordable price.

The Model 70 Violin features high quality Southwest Chinese Maple for the back, rib, and neck. As well as a Northeast Chinese Spruce for the top.

Instrument setup comes with :

   French Despiau D-Grade Bridge

   D’Addario Prelude strings (We also have Helicore Strings by request, price of instrument will change)

   Indian Ebony Fingerboard, Chin-rest, and Pegs

   High Quality Carbon fiber tailpiece

The case is a quality oblong foam case featuring a velour interior with matching blanket, accessory compartment, music pocket, and two bow holders

The bow is a half lined Brazilian wood bow with an Ebony Frog and Mongolian horse hair

Varnish: Glossy oil-based

Available in sizes 12"-16.5'

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