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Model 070 (VC070)

This quality handmade cello is a favorite among parents and teachers for its strong build and deep sound The perfect beginners package at an affordable price.

The Model 70 Cello features 5 year aged high quality Southwest Chinese Maple for the back, rib, and neck. As well as a Northeast Chinese Spruce for the top.

Instrument setup comes with :

  French Despiau D-Grade Bridge

  D’Addario Prelude strings (We also have Helicore Strings by request, price of instrument will change) 

  Ebony Fingerboard and Pegs

  Carbon fiber tailpiece

The bow is a half lined Brazilian wood bow with an Ebony Frog and Mongolian horse hair

20mm padded bag

Varnish: Glossy oil-based.

Available in sizes  1/8-4/4

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