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Model 085 (VN085)

Highly popular handmade instrument crafted after the model of Antonio Stradivari 1715, perfect for the intermediate or advanced player.

Hand-made by Vince Chen in Luthier John Wu's Workshop at Beijing

This instrument is carved from two pieces of highly flamed Russian maple for the back and European spruce for the top.


Instrument set up includes:   

 French Despiau C-Grade Bridge

 Thomastik Alpha-yue Strings (We also have Dominant Strings by request, price of instrument will change)

 High Quality Indian Ebony Fingerboard, Pegs, and Hill or Guarneri Style Ebony Chin rests 

 Ebony Tail Piece (one fine tuner by request) or Wittner Tailpiece made in Germany 

Quality oblong foam case featuring a velour interior with matching blanket, accessory compartment, music pocket, four bow holders
Brazil wood #25 bow (We also have our own hand-made Carbon Fiber Bow by request, price of instrument will change)

Varnish: Oil based Cremona Style Bright reddish-orange 

Violin available in sizes 1/4-4/4.

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