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Model 090 (VB090) Marco Polo

This Bass is highly preferred for Teachers and Experienced Musicians

Selected natural dry and aged European Spruce top, Maple rib, neck and back with high flames

Instrument is made by Bass luthier Bryan Qin in Luthier John Wu's Workshop in Beijing. 

The high end surface finish allows for outstanding performance.

This Bass with a beautiful sonorous voice throughout, powerful low end and clean upper range Great projection!


Instrument set up comes with:

French or German style Pernambuco Bows

German made machine heads

Ebony Tailpiece with strong cable

Adjustable Alaskan Maple Bridge

Thomastik Spirocore Strings

20mm Heavy Duty wheeled bag

Varnish: Hand brushed  French Style Antique varnish

Available in French Style 7/8, 3/4, 1/2

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