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Model 090 (VC090) Marco Polo

Highly popular handmade by individual cellomakers in John Wu's Workshop in Beijing ,instrument crafted after the model of Antonio Stradivari 1716, perfect for the advanced player. The Model 90 was used by the L.A Children's Orchestra during their 2015 America's Got Talent performance.
This finely constructed, flamed instrument is carved using selected European Maple for the back, and Alaskan Spruce for the top. The final varnish is completed in our workshops at L.A


Instrument set up comes with:

 Despiau C-Grade Bridge

 Helicore Strings or Kaplan Strings

 High Quality Indian Ebony Fingerboard and Pegs

 Wittner Tailpiece or Ebony Tailpiece with one fine tuner


With the purchase of the Model 90, you are able to choose from a variety of bows and cases. Please contact us for more details

Eastman Music Company Fiber Glass Case (By request, additional charges will apply)
Varnish: Antique reddish
Violin available in sizes 4/4 - 1/4

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